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Hey welcome to YELLA SEO & Web Designs! I’m Matthew, the owner - your local web designer and SEO analyst in Woodstock, New Brunswick.
matthew smith web designer and seo analyst
Hey welcome to YELLA SEO & Web Designs! I’m Matthew, the owner - your local web designer and SEO analyst in Woodstock, New Brunswick.
Here at YELLA SEO & Web Designs, we want to get to know you and your business goals so we can design your website or e-commerce shop with tailored marketing and conversion in mind.

We believe that your website should be more than a gripping design, it should be an internet marketing investment for your business. That’s why we build websites that are optimized for search engines like Google and Bing. We also optimize targeted search words related to your company and optimize your web design for converting visitors into clients or customers.

SEO and Web Design | Woodstock, New Brunswick

We are a local web design and web development company providing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads
Services in Woodstock, NB
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Internet Marketing
What We Do

I’ve been asked by potential clients,
“Can you get me #1 on Google?”   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s a fair question since that is the purpose of SEO, which is to rank on search engines.

Here’s the most important takeaway: The main purpose of SEO is to realize the ROI of your website. To do that you need to increase targeted traffic and you need to optimize the conversion of that traffic into more clients or more customers.

For example, you may be located in Woodstock, New Brunswick - but want to do business in Moncton, NB, or Fredericton, NB, or neighbouring and national areas. So, you Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your web design to be the most relevant Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that shows up when you’re looking for that service in that location.

That’s how we want to help our clients: to generate more presence, more value, and more business.

But to answer the question, yes - we have got clients to #1 for relevant search terms.
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Below are some core web design and SEO services we provide to our clients in the local and greater Woodstock, New Brunswick area:

Web Design & Development | Woodstock, New Brunswick

Website Design

User interface web design (UI)
User experience web design (UX)
Conversion optimization
Template and non-template website design
Targeted landing-page design
E-commerce & Listing websites
Business websites

Website Development

Bloat-free code building
Domain, hosting and email management
Basic API and website integrations
Social media development and training
MIcrosoft 365 business integration and training
Google Workspace business integration and training

Search Engine Optimization | Woodstock, New Brunswick

On-Page SEO

SEO architecture for website
Website meta tags
SEO keyword research
SEO keyword density
Schema markup
SEO image modifications
Website waterfall and loading optimization
Page speed and mobile responsiveness
Selective de-optimization
Analytics and tags management
Robots.txt generation
and more...

Off-Page SEO

SEO website migration
SEO linking strategies
Ethical white-hat SEO strategies
XML sitemap generation
Checks for server IP block list
Checks for website server "bad neighbours"
Review and correct potential Google penalties
Google Business Profile optimization
Social media strategies and optimization
and more...

SEO Consulting | Woodstock, New Brunswick

SEO Consulting

SEO website consulting
SEO website rebuild strategy

SEO Services | Woodstock, New Brunswick

SEO Services

Google Ad Words (Pay-Per-Click) PPC
SEO audits
SEO website migration
A Web Design & SEO Customer Journey
Our customer journey starts with a friendly phone call to hear more about you, your business, and goals for growth through SEO and search engine marketing (SEM). We’re also ready to hear about any SEO website migration or new SEO web designs needed.
Next we’ll review some web design solutions, and SEO internet marketing strategies. If the fit seems right, then we can move forward with an in-person meeting to discuss a budget for the web design and web development needed.
Once we’ve established a budget and scope of work, you’ll get a follow-up with a web design and SEO quote.
And that’s it! From here we move on to building out your web design and implementing SEO on your website.
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Soon you’ll have your very own website that drives search traffic to your business!
Just hear from our web design and SEO clients:
Matt does a great job. Good designer and can add traffic to your business.
Leigh lockhart
Matt is extremely articulate and takes to the time to understand your business and how SEO and web design can reach more customers in your field of work... Yella SEO & Web Designs is extremely talented and well versed in SEO and can help any website naturally rank organically...
Nick Devine
Their site started ranking #1 on the first page of Google for their relevant search terms.
Dan Paun
This site was broken and in need of a redesign. Now they're getting calls!
They needed to generate leads in a different country. After my SEO audit and implementation, they started showing up in their targeted region.
Kelly Shaw
Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go with SEO or PPC for my website traffic?

You should go with SEO, every time.
The reason you should choose search engine optimization over pay-per-click is because your PPC ad is limited by your budget where SEO isn’t. For example, you could be paying $750/mth for a solid SEO campaign that eventually generates thousands of clicks on your site, but PPC could cost tens of thousands per month to achieve the same number of clicks per month.
PPC is best used strategically in online marketing, often complementing SEO development.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Sure you can do your own SEO, there’s lots of core SEO that can be done.
However, to get a head of competition and to stay ahead takes a professional. Think of it like you building your own house vs a red seal carpenter building your house. There’s just some things you need an SEO analyst for unless you’ve got time to learn and become an SEO expert.

Why should I pay a web designer when I could use Wix or Squarespace?

That depends, it’s all about your intent.
If you want a website design where you can point people to and aren’t worried about content optimization, bounce rates, conversion optimization, website bloat, page speed, or custom design then a DIY website builder may be all you need. If you need to create a customer journey, have engaging content, include custom web design, keep visitors on-page, or give them a pleasant website experience - you will want to hire a website designer or developer.
Bonus: By choosing a website designer you’re likely to get an SEO boost because they’re going to follow web design best practices and go through a basic SEO checklist.

How long does it take for SEO to start to work?

SEO will start to work anywhere from 3 to 12 months from the time a website is uploaded or indexed with search engines.
There are a number of factors that can speed up or stretch out SEO results. An example would be if you have an aged domain in the same search category or a brand new domain with no industry history, the aged domain may see results sooner. The competition level for your industry and target audience will also affect delivery of results, it may take longer if there is harder competition.

How do I rank #1 on Google?

The short answer, hire an SEO analyst to get you more traffic.
The biggest thing to be careful of is an SEO company saying they can get you #1 on Google. Generally speaking getting to the top 3 to 4 on the SERP is achievable, and getting to #1 can be - but search engine algorithms change everyday and websites move up and down the SERP. The job of an SEO analyst is to keep you ahead of competitors and drive more traffic to your website.
When SEO is done right your website will inevitably rank higher on search engines, potentially #1.
Understanding SERP and how to hire SEO services

Google Search Explained

How To Hire An SEO

Thanks for Checking Out Our
Web design & SEO Services!
SEO continues to be the dividing factor of websites that show up on the first page and those that don’t. Budgets can limit your PPC online advertising reach, but SEO opens the doors of your business to a growing targeted audience over time.

And when you combine increased traffic from SEO with a custom web design optimized to convert those visitors into customers or clients - your business can grow and reap the return of the investment made.

We have the SEO tools and techniques to get your business more traffic and climb the search engine results page. When you choose YELLA SEO & Web Designs you can be sure you’ll get quality and knowledgeable web design SEO service.

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